Monday, August 16, 2010

Midphase Update!

Last Friday marked the end of the first 5 weeks of phase 103, but also the beginning of a new period too. We sadly bid farewell to 11 volunteers but subsequently saw another 13 arrive! All in all there really was no time to be sad!
It is fair to say that the first five weeks of phase had been one of the most memorable ever, for mostly good reasons. Everyone took the inevitable reliability issues that plague such a remote base in very good humour, and were rewarded with some remarkable sightings and survey results. With 44 nests marked for Green Season, 2 Agami Herons seen on Sierpe Viejo, a paca den found in the coconut plantation and new frogs and snakes getting added to our species list all the time; all of the classes of animals were getting in on the action.

Hence to 103b! We all await what may happen before mid-September, including our 7 long-term stalwarts who are all eager to share the knowledge they have accrued since July 2nd. A big welcome to Suzie, Emma, Alice, Steph, Casey, Rick, Marshall, Julia, Danya, Laura, Trent, Kara and Debbie too. With 20 volunteers on base (see photo above) it makes the rota tricky (thanks Jon!), but means that we can also complete all the work in the National Park that we want to. Good Times!