Wednesday, August 4, 2010

854 days and going strong - Ex GVI Director on the way to make history in the Amazon

Ed Stafford, former GVI Country Director in Patagonia, is walking the length of the Amazon river from the source to the sea.

He started in April 2008 and is hoping to finish this incredible journey in the next 5 days! Him and his companion Cho, are very close to becoming the first people in history to have successfuly walked the entire length of the Amazon river. What a huge quest!

Walking the Amazon is not an eco-warrior campaign against deforestation or an activist project for indigenous peoples’ rights. It is a world-first expedition, first and foremost, and it is designed to draw attention to the complexities of the Amazon rainforest.

Ed is an expedition leader and writer by profession - he reports what he sees and what he is affected by. He is personally passionate about stopping deforestation but is of the opinion that to get people to listen, we need to enthuse and inspire them that the Amazon is worth worrying about, rather than forcing arguments down the throats of those that don’t care.

So the focus is on creating an adventure so exciting that it can suck people into the Amazon so that they can see it, touch it, smell it and know it. Essentially the more people that care about the Amazon the better.

To follow Ed on his last days of this journey, have a look at his website

Good luck for the last days on this expedition!