Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long Weekend

After three full weeks of turtle walks, mammal transects, bird surveys and camp duty volunteers got an extra day off this week. Some volunteers headed off to Puerto Viejo for some relaxing time on the beach, others went white water rafting and a few stayed in base to help with night walks and nest checks. Ten week volunteer Karen Lancaster had this to say about her long weekend:
Week 3 has brought new excitements for the volunteers here at Jalova; a leatherback hatchling was made his way to the ocean right in front of the base, as the volunteers began their long weekend. Eleven volunteers went on a white water rafting trip (see picture); everyone spent a lot of time in the water – not all of it voluntarily though! And everyone managed to pluck up the courage to jump off a 5 metre rock into the river below.

Arno had his 21st birthday this weekend, and this was celebrated by him hitting a piñata and missing – even when he wasn’t blindfolded… and back at base, he requested to have his face plunged into his birthday cake!