Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jaguars 0 - 12 Coatis

The jaguar camera-trapping team were out this week changing cameras in the National Park when they came upon a group of 12 coatis in the forest. The group moved quickly past the GVI team, but one coati became separated from the rest of them. He stood his ground, eyeing up the camera team before making a break for it to join the others. “It was great to see so many together, and at such close quarters,” said scholar Jess, who was leading the team.

Coati belong to the raccoon family and generally travel in family groups. GVI volunteers should have no trouble empathising with these particular forest inhabitants: bands of coati are active during the day, omnivorous, forage for a variety of foods, and move in groups lead by females. Sound familiar? (with apologies to Rich!).

An ocelot and red brocket deer previously captured on camera traps