Friday, November 20, 2009

Birds, Sea Turtles, Human Impacts, Incidentals, Jaguars...Yahtzee!

Defenders of Wildlife Carnivores Conference 2009
Denver, Colorado, USA.
Grand Hyatt Conference Centre
Central & South America
Longs Peak Room
Moderator: Gerald Zuercher

A common question from the volunteers that contribute their hard-earned cash and time to the expedition is "what happens to the data afterwards?".

Well in a little over two weeks, GVI Costa Rica has presented all of the research programs we are managing to some of the top scientists and researchers from around the world at international conferences in Belize and the USA.

Not only did the research and data receive some great responses and reactions, the diversity and quality of the programs were highlighted as a huge achievement for volunteer research.

As well as drawing a lot of attention to the work and research being carried out we were also pleasantly surprised by the number of researchers who announced that they would be looking into GVI further, not just in terms of potential collaborations or supporting our work, but in several cases as what they thought was a fantastic way to spend their future time-off from work!

We will be working closely with the Costa Rican Environment Ministry to look at the work we have been conducting and how that can be applied to the management of these two beautiful protected areas along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. With years of consistant data from these projects, the hard work of staff and volunteers, and such a range of projects to reflect the immense diversity of the area we are able to begin to build up a bigger picture of what is happening and where management is affective or may need re-evaluating.

You can read more about the work on the left-hand-side of this blog, in terms of reports, abstracts, posters and presentations and find out how you can get involved with GVI here