Monday, August 24, 2009

Tour de Turtles comes to Tortuguero

This Tuesday and Wednesday, volunteers were given the treat of witnessing green turtles during the daytime. The Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) released two turtles in the early morning before the eyes of tourists, locals and researchers, as part of a wider satellite tagging scheme that will track their progress from where they nest to their feeding grounds.

As part of Tour de Turtles, the ten participants in total will be tracked by satellite for around a year (the life expectancy of the transmitter), with the results posted online as part of an effort to better understand their lives away from dry land, raise awareness about sea turtles and the obstacles they face during their migration.

Hundreds of onlookers saw these turtles and the Tour de Turtle project off to a grand start, as the turtles were released back to the sea to start their long journey, in a competition to be the first to swim 2,620 km. More can be learned about the marathon and track the daily progress of all the tagged turtles at