Friday, August 21, 2009

Top chef

The volunteers and staff members were graced by the presence of a guest chef this week, as the head chef, Gary, from Turtle Beach Lodge announced his departure from the local lodge, where on very special occasions we have been delighted to sample his cooking over the past few years.

So delighted has he been by the reaction to his food, and touched by our pleading for him to stay that Gary asked if he could cook his final meal for us at the station! After a quick whip-round and a run to Tortuguero for extra special ingredients, Gary presented the Caño Palma crew with a smorgasbord of fried chicken, cauliflower, carrots, tempura vegetables, pasta, and a mushroom sauce, all ensconced in candle light, thanks to a last minute power cut. After the fantastic treat, Gary spent time talking to the staff and volunteers about the work being carried out at the station, and so taken was he with our efforts with the marine turtles, he asked if he could walk back to Turtle Beach Lodge with one of the patrols to watch them work along the way!