Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cleaning up nicely

Two past volunteers have recently been in touch with us at GVI Costa Rica because they are working on some great stuff.

Jo Swannell Owen, a graphic designer and volunteer from 2008, recently sent this message to Field Coordinator, David Aneurin Jones:
"I've just become involved with an organisation here which is dedicated to making the town of Haverfordwest [Wales, UK] plastic bag free. They have various promotions and events coming up and are trying to get local businesses on board and encourage use of reusable bags and so on. All good stuff. I volunteered to put together an info panel for their next event about why plastic bags are so dangerous to turtles and other marine critters and I just wondered if you have any handily packaged info on the subject?"

Of course we were happy to help. Jo has already sent a draft of the information panel to us for some feedback, and we have to say – it looks great!

Jo also did some design work for our 2008 Marine Turtle Season Reports and some presentations when she was here. We are very happy to say that Jo will be rejoining the team on a scholarship in October! Stay tuned for more on this and check out:


Bill Valaika left the expedition less than a month ago, but he hasn’t been hanging around! Rushing off to a great opportunity on a restoration project back home in Colorado, Bill has found himself at the head of a whirlwind, with his new found vigour and enthusiasm to make a difference since his experience with us. He’s now involved with setting up a non-profit organisation to help clean up beaches, and he already has some backing. True to his word of staying in touch after his departure, we were his first point of contact for the venture.

If you have any great photos of beach cleans from your time with us, or materials that Bill could use in promoting his venture and gaining funding, please post us a comment here and we’ll try to get you in touch.

Stay tuned to see if Bill can bring the beach-front to Aspen!