Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The mydas touch

This weeks Jaguar Predation of Marine Turtles Study team was overwhelmed with turtle action. The morning started with a downpour of rain and mild thunderstorms making the team a little bit down trodden for the walk ahead. By Mile 8 the team had collected data from two newly predated turtles, but their patrol leader had spotted two sets of mating green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) just off the shore and was eager to show the rest of the team as they looked on through sheets of rain at the deep blue sea.

Mike was in disbelief that anything had actually appeared saying, ‘Stop making things up!’ Slowly but surely, within the next two miles another pair bobbed up and down in the rough surf giving the volunteers the chance to see live turtles, as well as dead ones, on the jag walk. At the end of the day, having reached Mile 18, the team had recorded eight new records of dead turtles, zero new blisters(!), and countless pairs of mating green sea turtles.