Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diogo reporting from Beijing: presentation day!

First things first, the presentation went very well! I got people excited and talking to me about how they were looking forward to the presentation and all. I was pretty well oiled and it went smoothly although because of a technical problem the Power Point activated the timer so the slides were passing automatically. Anyway, that did put a bit more stress on the thing but I went with it and no one noticed it to be accidental. I don’t think it was a problem or that it affected the passing of the content. We had a full room and given that there were eight concurrent sessions this is no small achievement.

I met with several people, but the most itneresting conversation was with Carlos Ortiz, author of the latest research on identifying large cats through tracks. He seemed skeptical that tracks will ever yield more than species distinction (which was his research).

One great thing was a workshop on incentive schemes and alternatives livelihoods that has worked with sea turtle projects. I will be sending you some PDFs shortly.

This was pretty much it. There still are a couple of people I need to catch up with. In terms of known names Rodrigo Medellin was mentioned to me during the Mesoamerican Meeting and he should be here so I will contact him.

I hope everything in Cano Palma is going well.