Monday, December 9, 2013

Intern Voice: Leading the way to blood and gore....

Two of our six month interns recently completed their leadership projects on base, and the results were frightful! Here two other interns describe the dastardly events…

So we had Alex’s leadership project the night after Halloween – a fright night of bone chilling thrills and fun-filled Halloween mayhem! The night kicked off with everyone showing off their horrifically inventive costumes – a gang of zombie pirates, a black cat, an apocalypse survivor, a witch doctor and some random construction workers thrown into the mix… oh and a zebra.
It was also chicken night so we ate our fried chicken by candlelight in the kitchen surrounded by spiders and bats in scary webs of mosquito net, monstrous coconut heads and a disturbing figure hanging from the rafters – this probably would have been scarier if we hadn’t named him Julio…
After dinner it was a trip through the haunted house – the atmosphere was tense as we waited for our turn to face the horrors within, I’m sure the screaming could be heard for miles – not that there was anyone around to hear us! A teenage mutant ninja turtle collected us and led us to the entrance where we faced our darkest fears…
Fun ensued for those who survived as we went on to play such games as murder and lime bobbing (very wet!) whilst eating ‘worm’ infested jungle flapjacks. We finished the night around the fire pit which was a perfect ending to a great night – thanks Alex!
-Written by Kat, six month intern

Interns and volunteers show off their jungle-style Halloween costumes

One quiet Friday our peaceful afternoon was interrupted by a cry for war by Dionthé. It was up to us, the Five Nation Army (or volunteers) to defend our beloved flag from the experienced Staff. This battle would be the first of many to go down in history known as the Jalova Wars! The battle continued on the beach, our hands and feet racing across scorching hot sand, refusing to give up to the opposition.
As the battlefield moved to the Coconut Plantation, coconuts were flying through the air in an intense game of bocci/boules, each team attempt to knock out the competition. With victory on the horizon, the final battle was the fiercest of them all with both sides leaping through the mud trying to leave the contenders in their wake. In a close competition with both teams determined to win, the staff rose triumphant from the mud to claim victory. Their flag now hangs for all to see in the kitchen, a gentle reminder to the Five Nation Army to never let history repeat itself.

-Written by Sarah, six month intern

Both teams fly their flags high after an gripping (and muddy) afternoon of games