Thursday, August 23, 2012

C is for...

C is for Cocal. Tutoring with Derek the legend, helping out in the classroom, watching kids grow and improve academically and personally. A hug from a kid putting a smile on your face even on the most frustrating of days. And most of all, being able to feel that you have really made a difference to a kid’s life, even in the smallest of ways.
O is for Ocean. Afternoons spent at the beach, walking along the shore with your headphones in, just enjoying the beauty and serenity of this amazing place.
S is for sloths. ‘Nuff said. :-P
T is for Tony, my other one on one pupil. I have only recently started working with him, but already I am embracing the challenge of a completely different kind of pupil to what I’ve become used to with Derek. Tony is 14 and has very severe difficulties with reading. Being able to watch him gradually improve is so rewarding to see.
A is for Aneta, who provides us with our wonderful lunches. Words cannot describe how inspiring this lady is. And her delicious cooking is one the highlights of my day.

R is for Runia and Carlos, our 2 amazing Spanish teachers who made me feel so confident in my speaking skills when I first arrived here.
I is for Imer. So funny and smart, and always has a story to tell. (See the video of his lecture on the day the water in El Cocal got infected). Plus his wardrobe is to die for. Steve Irwin/Bear Grylls outfit for the Mariposario trip, or if you prefer something more casual… turning up to the community centre in the best onesie I have ever seen.
C is for cute. Seriously, one flash of the puppy dog eyes and these kids will have you wrapped around their little finger.
A is for ADIOS! Words cannot describe what an incredible 3 months I have had here. Thank you to Tara, Laura and Holly, as well as all the wonderful volunteers I have been lucky enough to meet. It has been a very special and rewarding journey. PURA VIDA!

 Katie Allan
Quepos Community Volunteer