Thursday, January 12, 2012

Summer School launch....

The GVI staff team hopes you all had a great Christmas and new years over this holiday season!  Thank you to all of our 2011 volunteers who have helped us out so much over the year- hopefully we will see some of you again!

We are back to work in Quepos and El Cocal again getting everything ready for our summer school.  The kids are on vacation until the end of February, so we wanted to give them something fun and educational to do during their holiday.

Our summer school program, ‘Vacaciones Utiles’ will be starting on Monday, offering kids free English classes, sports and art activities as well as reinforcement for  reading and maths, we don’t want them forgetting what they have learned over the past school year!

Our kinder program will also be kicking off next Monday with 5 more kids signed up!

With 7 new volunteers arriving this Saturday I’m sure we will be off to a great start! Here’s to 2012!

Quepos Community Program Staff.