Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First week back at El Cocal.

We hit the ground running back at El Cocal this week!
Our new volunteers are super happy to be here and doing a great job.  Their Spanish is coming along in leaps and bounds with their intensive Spanish course coming in really handy in trying to work out what the little ones are saying.
 Our summer school has been a big hit, particularly with the younger kids. Gemmeke and Miriam have been starting the morning of with some sports, then giving some English classes and finally some practice with maths and reading.  The kids have learnt the body parts, colours and animals in English this week. They also created some very imaginative stories inspired by hippos and pandas.
Our kinder is up and running again, now with 10 kids. It has been great to see how quickly they have developed in such a short time. Little Jesus is actually using words now…hooray. Courtney has been doing a great job working with them and developing their hand eye co-ordination and teaching them basic vocabulary.
After a successful first week in the community the volunteers had a great first weekend in Manuel Antonio, culminating on Sunday evening with a lovely bonfire and impromptu salsa lesson on the beach!

Here’s to a great weekend and hopefully another great week to come...

Community program staff - Quepos