Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quepos Community Program Celebrations!

After almost 6 weeks working on some new activities for volunteers and the community here in Quepos, the last final negotiations with the school and Manuel Antonio National Park took place this week.

Great news! The management team of Manuel Antonio National Park was more than willing to announce their full agreement to work closely with GVI Quepos and the Public School in El Cocal. This will open new possibilities for future programs here in Quepos which will contribute to qualitatively improving the educational experience of children in the community of El Cocal.

There is much work, sweat and frustrations involved in the development of new programs, and those efforts could not be accomplished without the hard work of our volunteers adding pieces bit by bit to the puzzle that puts together a great program. Now the kids and new volunteers will be able to enjoy the fruits of these efforts together.

This week a group of volunteers and children will make the first visit in Manuel Antonio National Park with the help of a guide who has been contributing to the development of the activity along with the team GVI Quepos. Each week we'll offer new and interactive educational activities to children and also support the teachers in enhancing the subjects of natural sciences in the local school of El Cocal.

Thank to you all for the work, interest and efforts

Enrique, Janette, Nubia, Mauricio Salazar, Anna, Anthony, the trust from my CD and all the volunteers who in one way or another you have made this possible.

Nuri Moreno

GVI Manager Quepos