Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dia Del Deporte in Quepos

Escuela Bilingue celebrated Dia Del Deporte with all kinds of relays and games to get the students racing, jumping and generally moving...while having a great time at it. In Costa Rica, sports day is celebrated each year; students get a break from their normal classroom instruction and head outside for fun activities which pit classes against each other in friendly competition. Escuela Bilingue's athletic games were presided over by their principle, Director Juan Luis, and lots of parents from the community were there to watch their children and cheer on from the sidelines.

With only one week until the first GVI volunteers arrive, lots of planning is taking place; the English Director Suzanna is eager to put helping hands to work at the school.

We caught lots of students with huge smiles during field day...we're anxious to see all of the fun our sports program volunteers dream up for these guys!