Friday, February 25, 2011

Jalova Photo Competition 111

So, it happened again. Week seven of phase has somehow managed to creep up on us in such a way that you are suddenly struck by how little time there is before everyone leaves. Yet, for those who have been here 10 weeks, you are very comfortable on base and take the forest life almost for granted. So what better timing than to have a photo competition to take a look at things from another perspective (and also to let those new 5 weekers get their extremely flashy SLR cameras out).
Building on the success of the format created in phase 104, we unleashed the 20 volunteers on the surrounding area of base. They received little more instruction than to submit one photo in each of the categories of ‘People’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Inanimate Object’. Once more they surpassed our expectations.
This competition was not about who could take the best photo in the usual sense. The judges (staff) wanted imagination and laughs from the pictures. That said, there was little excuse for the clothing on show in self proclaimed team ‘well good’ photo entitled ‘Forest Fashion’.

Bizarrely, perspective featured highly in a number of teams entries and our long beach provided the perfect background. This idea brought one of the winning photos, from the People category, by team 5 (consisting of Pieter, Kristian, Rich K and Dave H) which reduced Field Coordinator Rich P to a fit of giggles.

All in all, the entries were excellent and made for some very tight voting amongst the staff. That being said, I think that everyone agreed that there was one photo that stood out from the rest. Although the competition was not about camera quality or focus, this photo of a crocodile made everyone’s draw drop. Congrats to Sam, Zeljka, Frida and Rich C.