Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to School

In Costa Rica, summer vacation is finally over and all of the children are back to school and settling in. Although things were busy and hectic with the start of the new school year, GVI is also starting to settle into the community of Quepos (see a photo of the local beach below) and beginning work on the new project at Escuela Corea. We have been planning the new arts, music, English, reading and sport programs for the past two months and have started working in the classroom with some very excited children and teachers. The concept of volunteers and extra help at this primary school has been met with much enthusiasm by the students, and teachers are already asking when the new volunteers will arrive. Not only are they counting on much needed assistance in the classroom and individual assistance for struggling students, they are keen to give the children an opportunity to interact and learn from volunteers from all over the world. After school in the afternoon, parents are starting to stop me in the street, wanting to find out more about the English classes and programs we are beginning with their children in the coming months. English is such an important asset to this community, which relies almost solely on tourism; I am thrilled that the new project is being met with such enthusiasm from parents and teachers alike.

Word spreads quickly in a small town, and it’s hard to believe all of the support and anticipation I am hearing around Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Still, there is much work to be done as GVI is just beginning work in Escuela Corea, with plans to kick-off the new program in Manuel Antonio Primary School next week.