Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello Jalova

GVI Costa Rica’s Jalova Biological Station welcomed 16 new volunteers April2. Elliot Pelling, Matt Terry, Siobhan Fahey, Ruth Stanton-Saringer, Ben Neuss, Adrienne Pierre, Chris Sullivan, Hans Abel, Alex Stafford-Clark, Josh Sullivan, Abi Kuczer, Megan Houghton, Shelbi Etscorn, Jackie Sands, Heather Bohn and Chris La Gette made the long trek down canals and dirt roads from San Jose and arrived on base. “The boat journey was amazing, “said Jackie “and everyone, volunteers and staff was so friendly.” Our new volunteers are staying for 10, 5 and 2 weeks, with the interns remaining in Costa Rica for 6 months. They come from Ireland, Britain, Canada, the United States and Switzerland. Even though new faces arrived, we had to say a deep and fond farewell to two of GVI Costa Rica’s longest serving faces, David Jones and Sara Calcada. The projects and publications done at GVI CR are a standing testament to the work that they did here and the motivation given to others to further the work. We at Jalova wish them the best in their future careers, and we know that we will bump into them somewhere in the Conservation field.


Anonymous said...

Woot, woot -Shelbi Etscorn!