Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sights of Interphase

This interphase the staff had a little time to stretch their legs and blow off the cobwebs by taking in some of the delights available away from the expedition. There were trips to the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Spanish lessons in Granada, humpback whales and olive ridley marine turtles spotted on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, a trip to the Panama canal and the International cloud forest Park of La Amistad and more. Here's a quick glimpse of some of what they spotted in just a week around Costa Rica and its borders!

Costa Rican Independence Day 14th Sept

Field Coordinator Sara Calcada's first tamale! (She liked it!)

A visit to a Pretoma marine turtle project in Punta Banco on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Having spent two and a half years watching the sun rise on the Caribbean coast - this was Dave's first Costa Rican sunset

Another first - scarlet macaws feeding near a Pacific beach. Green macaws are normally found in the Caribbean

A short trip over the border into Panama and the beautiful cloud forest of the International Park (Costa Rica/Panama) of La Amistad

A slaty flower piercer in action

Angel's trumpets growing wild

Tica Steph's joy at having her first EVER fireplace!