Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meet the scholars!

This phases’ volunteers have been a pleasure to work with for all the staff, so much so that Cody Glasbrenner, on a scholarship with us since volunteering back in October, has agreed to give up his time once more in exchange for rice and beans and the chance to work with leatherback turtles next phase. Cody gained a B.A. in Geography from Ohio State University and worked as a GIS technician before joining the expedition.

Cody at work...

Joining him on the scholarship programme will be Sarah Durose, who has a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy. Sarah just completed 10 weeks as a volunteer with us after deciding to take a career break and come out to Costa Rica…a bit of a change from Sakhalin Island in the Russian Federation, where she spent several years of her career.

Sarah at work...

Completing our hat-trick of scholars, Jack Roper, a volunteer with us last summer during the busy green turtle season, returns to work with us in April. Prior to his time in Costa Rica, Jack had enjoyed studying and gaining a National Diploma in Music Technology, but decided he wanted to pursue a career in his first passion, the natural world, and opted to gain some experience in conservation. After his initial phase, he went on to volunteer at Zoo La Marina Rescue Centre in Ciudad Quesada, central Costa Rica, where he enjoyed some hands on work with native species.

Needless to say, his spell at Caño Palma left him with an enthusiastic passion for conservation. Jack is now due to start his Bachelors Degree in Animal Conservation in September 2009.

Now, Jack at work!