Monday, April 13, 2009

GVI Costa Rica invited to National Jaguar Workshop

Our Country Director, Rebeca Chaverri, was recently invited to represent GVI Costa Rica at the National Strategy for Jaguar Conservation, organized by Panthera, MINAET, Universidad de Costa Rica, Fundazoo, IUCN, the Species Survival Commission and the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. Among the participants were representatives for several universities, national and international NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy and the Organization for Tropical Studies, independent researchers, goverment agencies and the private sector.

Rebeca was invited to give a presentation to all attendants about the research GVI Costa Rica carries in Tortuguero National Park and Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge. This was a great opportunity for networking and spreading the word of the research that we, with the great help of all volunteers, carry out in the region.