Thursday, October 3, 2013

Volunteer Voice - Serious Work

Written by Dave Booth - GVI Manuel Antonio Community Volunteer
Landed in Quepos. Friday 20th Sept 2013.
After 20 hrs on 2 planes, 1 bus, a nights sleep and another 2 buses finally make it up a twisty road to the GVI house 3 clicks from Quepos.
I had already met Nick (staff) and 4 other volunteers in San Jose the day before and then meet Clint, Kristin (also staff) and 3 other volunteers.
Let the games (and serious work) begin!
Dave participating in some serious work
 Early Tuesday morning we head over to El Cocal and to the Casa Del Sol community centre.
Here come the children rushing in full of frijoles (beans) and day 1 proper starts with a bang.
Have a few games of playdough and (newly invented?) whiteboard football with a boy called Angel. I am sure he was adapting the rules to suit his winning score and test me out. 8-1 to him. He clearly knew I was a newbie and must of thought 'right lets have a go' at testing this guy out.  
Looks like I am going to have to keep up with them and learn Español rapido!!
Helping to make planet rings
Will be great to be able to interact and communicate with them on a equal level and hopefully help all the children more than I can at present.
Looking forward to the whole next 3 months and adventures on each day as they come.
Till next time. Dave