Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Singing in the Rain

So we’ve been having a spot of rain recently…

 Yes, its true we do live in a rainforest, so a bit of wet weather is to be expected, but over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a couple of spells of heavy weather that are intense even for here! So much in fact, that we found our base pretty much submerged by the rising water at one point, meaning that a simple trip from the staff-house to the kitchen involved fording a knee-deep lake!

Whilst the damp weather may be an inconvenience in some respects (mostly involving finding dry things to wear), it does also have its benefits, and we were certainly not slow to capitalize upon those…

Red-eyed Treefrog

Wander into the coconut plantation after dark following a rainy spell and you will quickly find yourself enveloped by an overwhelming chorus of frog calls; A closer look amidst the cacophony revealing dozens of earnestly singing frogs and toads of all kinds. Knowing that the rain brings out so many of our little amphibian friends, we sent out teams to search the swampy, waterlogged plantation that surrounds our base.

There are a multitude of frog and toad species resident to our local habitats, but they are often elusive and at most times difficult to see. So when they emerge en masse following rains in what can be described as explosive breeding events, it is a great opportunity to see some of the beautiful and often colourful little jewels of the local herpetofauna, that would otherwise go by un-noticed.
Hourglass Treefrog 

Recent finds have included the Boulenger’s Snouted Treefrog, the Fringe-toed Foamfrog and the Hourglass Treefrog.

-Leo, Field Staff