Monday, November 7, 2011

Costa Rica Jungle Halloween Super Time

Halloween: Generally a night of fright, excitement, candy, and dressing up in costume. Although there was no candy, there was festive green rice as well as excitement and terrifying costumes. On October 31st last year I don’t think any of us were ready for the terrifying sights that we recently experienced. Seeing as costume resources are limited in the Costa Rican jungle, we all got creative with jungle fever and concocted our costumes. When the clock struck 6 we all transformed. There were witches and rainbows and pumpkins oh my; Leprechauns, angry birds, Guidos, so fly, even machete murderers in ponchos, and transvestites with handle bar mustaches OH MY! It was a scary spectacle, an incorrigible night impossible to forget. If it wasn’t for the lucky leprechaun and the rainbow, the night would have left us all emotionally bruised. I’m sure the ones who celebrated Halloween for the first time will never forget the terrifying time. Things always get a little crazy when the jungle runs through your veins but when Halloween comes around to play, there is certainly a wild time lurking behind the next coconut tree. We all had a Jalova time, one we will all never forget.

-Will, Volunteer