Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phase 114 Kicks Off

It seems like no sooner had all our volunteers from phase 113 left, we were greeted with 18 new faces for the beginning of phase 114. Volunteers from Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, UK and USA have arrived at Jalova and all have been busily learning all the new skills they need to conduct surveys for the coming 2, 5, 10 weeks or 6 months. Volunteers aren’t the only newbies that we have met though, as Christine Harnois and Kevin Wells have joined our GVI Costa Rica staff team. Combined with the return of 3 interns to our staff team it gives a fresh feel to the personnel on base!

As usual training week was a busy affair with many presentations and trips on the beach and forest to learn about the various projects that we conduct here at Tortuguero National Park. Unfortunately we have been without the boat for the better part of the week and so everyone had to work even harder to learn the canal study species. However this inconvenience provided us with the opportunity to work on cleaning our beach at the end of the training week so that the last nesting turtles have a safe area to make their final nests.

It’s been all health and safety, species identification and protocol learning for the last 7 days or so and all of our volunteers have been happy to start the surveys. With the turtle season drawing to a close, the migratory birds settling in for the winter and a few project surprises in the offing, phase 114 is going to be an exciting time to be on base.

Rich P – Base Manager



Costa Rica Condos said...

volunteers from phase 113,contragates and best of luck for ahead...Nice picture work...

VerticalAccess said...

You wouldn't happen to have a higher resolution of that picture available would you? If possible, please e-mail it to me @

If not I appreciate it anyways :)

Oh, and let Noel Lohmann know that Thomas loves her.