Friday, August 26, 2011

Intercultural Day in El Cocal, Quepos

On Friday we had an intercultural day at the school in El Cocal. We all enjoyed working together the night before by making falafels as an international dish for the kids which definitely got us all excited for the next day. Once we got to the school on Friday we saw all the kids and teachers dancing and playing games which we all joined in immediately! We played games like sack races, shot put and herradura. Also as part of the event we all danced together loving every moment of it, through the dancing games we played. Everyone got to get really involved, laughing and really connecting well with the children, seeing how thrilled the children were that we came to celebrate this special day with them! One of the greatest moments for me personally of that day was when everyone joined together dancing, including volunteers, the children and the teachers. We all lined up and danced to “La Bomba” and immediately followed it up with “La Macarena”.

When the day finally had to come to an end everyone was just glowing with how happy they were personally and with what a great day it was for being considered as part of the community.