Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Phase 111

January 7th saw us start the first phase of 2011. By the end of Saturday 19 new faces had joined us from all over the world, along with the return of 3 interns from phase 104, Melissa, Simon and Zahra. Our volunteer team comprises of Leena, Dave H, Dave W, Rachel, Leyre, Sarah, Richard, Stephan, Pieter, Brian, Andy, Zeljka, Sam, Ruth, Hannah, Stuart, Neil, Sally and Esther.

Training week has been hit hard, with everyone learning the Emergency First Response course as well as all of the protocols for the surveys that lie ahead. Now that we have reached the end of the first week and everyone has passed all of the tests, the group is enjoying their first taste of Tortuguero before we venture to the forest to begin the real hard work of phase.

Despite all the rain, the mood is extremely high and we look forward to what we can achieve in the 10 weeks ahead of us. Let's go!