Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jalova Photo Competition

Week 7 brought us a slightly longer survey week than usual in Jalova. So to give people a rest from pounding the trails of the forest and sand of the beach we organised a small photo competition. The volunteers were divided into groups and categories were announced to try and get some interesting shots from the area around base. With the incentive of a mystery edible prize, all participants ventured forth to see what creative thoughts they could muster and turn into a winning photo.

5 categories were being contested; landscape, people, wildlife, survey and inanimate object. Some of these topics seemed simple, but nothing ever is when you are on a time limit and animals just don’t perform on demand!

The staff judged all the performances in their meeting the following day and all were positively shocked by the creativity on show. Special mention has to go to Jurgen, Simon H and Reto who created a sequence of themed images where the group had sabotaged all of the themes.

There could only be one winner of the best photo category and it went to Alana, Simon F and Erik who accidentally took a photo of a beach ‘landscape’ in the reflection of coconut dog Lucy’s eye. This certainly was the most interesting of all the photos and it was a unanimous decision to declare it the overall winner.

Dog’s eye: Alana, Simon F, Erik

GVI Yoga: Dave, Katie, Harriet

Below: Little People, Big World:Dave, Katie, Harriet