Thursday, October 7, 2010

New arrivals in Jalova

We are back in full force!

16 volunteers safely made their way to the GVI Jalova biological station in Tortuguero National Park. Most of them will be in Jalova collecting data till the second week of December.

This is the group in jalova at the moment:

The training week is in full swing and everybody is making great progress with the science and hopefully we will get all volunteers into the field collecting data at the end of this week-end.

In the meantime, the staff that are not teaching one of the many classes are busy with writing reports and continuing the turtle nest checks between mile 15 and 18 on Tortuguero beach. Green turtle hatchlings, fresh trurtle kills and adult and a juvenile jaguar tracks are adding to the scenery on the early morning beach patrols. The rainy season hasn't been too rainy on this side of the country, but the occasional downpour keeps people nice and cool on the long miles on the beach.