Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Training Excursions

It’s training week at Jalova and our new volunteers have been busy. During a week of project presentations and testing they managed to fit in a forest walk and a trip down the Tortuguero canals on the GVI boat. There were sightings by all the volunteers and almost half of the aquatic bird study species were seen on the canal journey. Volunteers got to see Green Ibis, Amazon, Belted and Green Kingfishers, Northern Jacanas and most of the Herons found in the area.

Two teams went out on the forest walk, one to the base boundary trail, and one to the north trail of the forest. “It was really fun,” said Johanna Reed who went down the North trail, “we got to see a Red Eyed Tree Frog.” Arno Van Heygen agreed, saying he was impressed to see “the symbol of Costa Rican wildlife,” on his first trip into the forest. The path down the boundary trail was short on live animals, but was filled with tracks. The mud turned up evidence of Tapir, Red Brocket Deer and the usual herd of White Lipped Peccary. The team was rewarded for their trek through the swampy trail with their first monkey sighting, a pair of spiders at the very end of the walk.