Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GVI Costa Rica invited to join WWF "ACT" initiative on Climate Change

Field Coordinator, Sara Calçada, attended a regional workshop on behalf of GVI Costa Rica this week. The workshop was run by Ana Fonseca & Marianne Fish for WWF Latin America, for which GVI Costa Rica were specially invited to attend, together with organisations from all over Costa Rica, to share information about their work and learn more about how Climate Change will affect the region and particularly sea turtles, and how to help monitor its affects. The program, known as ACT (Adaptation to Climate Change for Marine Turtles) hopes to bring together researchers from across the region to share information about the issues faced in their research areas, in the hope that "management actions that are put in place now to reduce vulnerability to climate change in the future."

Sara spent time attending lectures, participating in workshops, undertaking training for monitoring air, sand and nest tempertures and measuring beach inclination and erosion. She also gave a short presentation to the group of researchers and experts about the issues we face on our projects.
Sara managed to drum up a lot of interest in the programs, particularly the jaguar predation of marine turtles and obviously left people wanting more as we have several people interested in training opportunities with us on the expedition.

Upon her return to base Sara gave a presentation to the volunteers and staff about the workshop and gave out literature and about the WWF initiative and a video for everyone to watch about the issues faced in Los Baulas National Park.